Phoenix Ancient Town

Different from other ancient towns in China, Phoenix Ancient Town is a secluded and tranquil town located on the bank of the river and surrounded by mountains. It is a good idea to stroll in this ancient town and visit some interesting shops and homes, and discover some interesting nooks. The ethnic handicrafts are really delicate and special in this region. At night, the town becomes more quiet and peaceful. Sitting in a bar and appreciating the sunset is wonderful.

Tuojiang river-dusk
Phoenix Ancient Town-Tuojiang river-dusk
Tuojiang river-Wanming tower
Phoenix Ancient Town-Tuojiang river-wanming tower

night scenery

Night view-Suspended wooden house
Phoenix Ancient Town-night view-suspended wooden house
Night view-Tuojiang river
Phoenix Ancient Town-night view-tuojiang river

The night view of Phoenix Ancient Town is beautiful and attracts many photographers. In your free time, it is recommended that you find a café beside the Tuo River, sit down, and enjoy the nighttime scenery!



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