Glass Bridge

Glass Bridge in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, known as the longest and highest one in the world, finally makes its debut! And the Grand Canyon has been a yearning destination for many travelers, not only for the bridge, but also the gorgeous landscape of mountains, valleys, streams, cliffs, and forests. You will get a big surprise from this natural landfrom museum.

1、Glass Bridge

Glass Bridge-sunset
The Grand Canoy Glass Bridge-sunset

It is praised as the longest and highest glass-bottomed bridge in the world. Suspending 300-meter-high over the valley, the transparent bridge offers visitors a breathtaking full view deep down to the bottom of canyon.

Glass Bridge
The Grand Canoy Glass Bridge-Glass Bridge

2、Shenquan Stream and Grand Canyon

The Grand Canoy Glass Bridge-waterfull
Taking boat
The Grand Canoy Glass Bridge-taking boat

A magic stream: the canyon suddenly becomes narrow in this section and the waterway is cut narrower thus gentle stream becomes rapids here; and springs flying down from the cliffs on both sides form a glittering rainbow on sunny days. Walk under a water curtain through the slippery wooden walkway and enjoy the mysteries in this magic world.
In the last part of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, there is a lake which was constructed first to be the power station. Now, please take boat for cruise on the lake. You can see wild ducks playing in the water, as well as egrets passing from the surface of the water.



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