Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the most primary attraction in Zhangjiajie, offering distinct sandstone landform and typical Zhangjiajie beauties: towering pillar-like peaks, grand cliffs, flowing waters, lush forests and many more natural wonders.

Main Scenic Areas

With nearly 100 scenic spots, it is hard to cover every corner of the Park in limited time. We thus listed the following 4 main scenic areas indicating the most essences of the Park.

1. Yuanjiajie Scenic Area

Being surrounded by higher peaks and deep valleys, Yuanjiajie is a mountain platform with a collection of many highlights and natural wonders, including the inspiration of the floating mountains in film Avatar and had been renamed as “Hallelujah Mountains” in 2010.

Bailong Elevator is world’s fastest and highest outdoor elevator. It is built in the cliff of the mountain, and can take you go up and down the mountain within 2 minutes.
No.1 Bridge under Heaven is an inartificial stone bridge spanning two peaks. Tourists can walk on the bridge and get some stunning views when glancing down into the valley.

2.Tianzi Mountain

As the highest area in the park, it hence boasts more spectacular views of the park and is popular with photography lovers. In addition to the wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and valleys, it also offers splendid sights of sunrise and sea of clouds.

3. Golden Whip Stream


With a length of 7.5 kilometers, Golden Whip Stream is famous for its pristine water, its verdant mountains, its steep cliffs and its serene valley. As a veritable “paradise” for plants, its pathways are adorned by an abundance of flowers, trees, and grasses.

4. Yellow Stone Village
village cable car
zhangjiajie national forest park-yellow stone village cable car
little monkeys
zhangjiajie national forest park-yellow stone village – little monkeys

Averagely 800 meters above the ground, this area concentrates the most natural beauties and is the largest overhanging view platform in the Park. It features the impending cliffs and jagged rocks.



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